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Give 'em a sticker (and sell more signs)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Rich Dombey, Rich Designs, Hillsborough, New Jersey [], does a lot of trucks and trailers for contractors and landscapers.  With the invoice, he gives the client a small sticker with their logo on it--just about six inches wide, printed and contour cut on his digital printer.

He tells them he's sure they'll find somewhere to stick it, and lets them know he can make more if they need them. Digital printing makes it easy--even for relatively short runs.

"Many times they call the next day," says Rich, "and order a hundred. Amazingly, one of those free stickers led to an order for 10,000 stickers.

"I'd rather do stickers than wraps any day," he says, laughing. "No installation! It's such an easy thing to offer, and all you really have to do is give them one. They can stick them everywhere, and they love that."


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Comments  6

  • Don Weakly 17 Mar

    This is a question to Rich Dombey ... What kind of Digital printer/plotter do you have?  What do you like about it?  Give me the goods ... If ya can.

    Thank You, 

    Don Weakly
    Don Weakly deSigns

  • Patricia Van Lierop 25 Mar

    Love your designs, what software do you like?

  • Rich Dombey 06 Apr

    I have a Roland Versa Camm SP 300  and a Daige Laminator. Ive been using Sign Lab (Cad Link Technologies) for the past fifteen years or so. I m now on their newest version 9. For Business Cards and Printed work I use Corel Draw.
    The printer is Rolands first version . I believe I purchased it in 2005, Its a work horse, I use it every day. Not one problem. I DONT DO WRAPS !!! Primarily I do alot of Motorcycle graphics, Number plates and Radiator Shrouds, Team stickers, that sort of thing. Ocasionally Ill do site signs for contractors, and a few magnetic signs. And alot of equipment stickers for my commercial accounts.  Trailers, and some other ''Non Wrap''  larger graphics.Anything that I can ship easily.
    If you have any other question, feel free to e mail me or call me directly. 908.369.5035
    Peace and Wheelies!!!!!!, Rich D.

  • doug 23 May

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  • LED Ceiling Lights 16 Nov

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  • jason albrecht 25 Nov

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