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How to show the true value of a sign to a client

Monday, January 30, 2012

One of the challenges of selling signs is helping the customer look at the cost over the life of the sign. Larry Elliott [] uses a chart on his website to quickly help put the cost in perspective.

Click here to download a chart similar to Larry’s that’s ready to print and use the next time you sell a sign :

“It makes a difference,” says Larry. “When they can see it broken down over time like that, it can make a sale. As we all know, signs are always the best value when it comes to the cost of advertising. Often, for about the cost of a candy bar a day, they can have a really nice sign for their business.”

Larry created the chart to use on his website, showing a range of selling prices amortized over the expected life of the sign. Click here to go to Larry’s site and see his chart in action.

“We've been in business for over 42 years,” says Larry, “and I cannot count the times a customer's first question was ‘How much does a sign cost?’ Over the years I've come up with several quick comments, some facetious and some sincere. I guess my best response to this question is that a sign does not cost, it pays.

“A professional sign pays with increased attention to the product or service that it is advertising. It pays with increased sales because it lets customers know you are serious about your business. The difference between a professional sign and an amateur version is within anyone's budget for just a few cents per day. You can't get better advertising value in any other media than with professional, creative signs.”



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