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Use the sign to sell a package

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

In the January/February 2013 issue of SignCraft, Braun Bleamer does a great job of explaining how he helps his customers build powerful images for their businesses and drives sales for his shop at the same time.

“I’m not a salesman,” Braun says. “But I do believe in getting my customers the most bang for their buck. I offer almost everyone custom bundle packaging for the image of their business. In today’s shopping world, the more you bundle your business with a look and feel that’s consistent, the bigger and more powerful your image becomes.”

Most clients don’t come to a sign shop with a sophisticated marketing strategy in mind. Many are just thinking of a sign for identification purposes, unaware that it’s an opportunity to create an image for their business. It can be turned into a great advertising package for their businesses that is also the lowest cost advertising they can buy.

Present the package as a package. Just seeing how powerful their logo looks when it’s used on their vehicle, site signs, t-shirts and business cards can be enough to sell the job. Braun presents all the products he feels they need on a sales drawing that gets the point across in a glance.

The benefits to the client are developing a cohesive image for their business and taking advantage of more opportunities to get their name in front of the buying public. For the sign shop, the benefit is selling more products to an existing customer—rather than trying to find new customers and start from scratch.

And for most clients, the convenience factor is huge: Here is one company they can trust for all the graphics they need. That leads to great referrals, too, since business people are usually in touch with other business people.

Remember, too, that if you don’t have the time or the design skills to produce effective logo designs, you can connect with a few designers who can do them for you. It’s still a valuable service you can provide because you have the source for an effective design.

Braun covers how to sell packages in more depth in Don’t just sell the sign, sell an advertising package in the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of SignCraft. You can expect to see more of his articles in upcoming issues, too.


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