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Don't let that fence go to waste

Thursday, September 26, 2013

One of the most important things a sign shop can do for their customers is to help them find ways to wring advertising potential out of their location, storefront and vehicles. This kind of service keeps your customers coming back, and also keeps them referring other business owners to you.

Some businesspeople want to use all the potential advertising that signage can give them, but most simply haven’t thought much about it. Others turn to signs to solve an identification problem and discover an advertising opportunity in the process.

The folks at Riverland Nursery in Fort Myers, FL, knew they had a visibility problem, even though their business sits along a very busy four-lane highway. Trees and plants hide their building, and the oak trees that were planted along the highway had grown up to obscure their primary sign—an attractive illuminated pylon sign, as you can see in the background of the photo below. The oaks are in the state right of way and can’t be trimmed. The solution was to use banners on the fence (on the side of their property) and gates to get the message across.

“Without the banners no one would know we're here,” says Joe Berg of Riverland. “The main sign just isn’t visible enough because of the oaks, so the banners really are essential.”

The banners, made by Go Mobile Signs, Fort Myers, FL, use strong contrasts and very bold, very legible type. The copy is minimal, and they’re easy to read as you pass at 45 MPH.

They’re not only easy to read, they’re hard to miss. The long sign faces the eastbound traffic, and during business hours the gates are swung partially open to an angle that makes the signs obvious from either direction.

It would be hard to get any better visual impact than what these four banners provide to tens of thousands of passing vehicles. Mounted on wire fencing with cable ties, this very practical, affordable signage delivers loads of advertising.

These simple banners make a strong case for secondary signs, which can often do a better job of bringing in customers than the primary signage. Make sure you take the time to find out how your customers could take better advantage of their location or their vehicles. They may be able to capitalize on something as simple as a fence or gate to help them get a real return on their location.

“They do a great job,” says Joe. “We replace them when the sun starts to fade them, so they always look good. You wouldn’t guess you could get so much advertising out of a fence and a few gates, but they really let people know we’re here.”


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