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This graphic is a powerful sales tool

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Even as a sign professional it’s easy to overlook an opportunity for a client to take advantage of the advertising power of signs. And it’s even easier for your clients to miss the chance to use signs to drive business in their door.

Dan Mika, Buffalo, New York, first put this graphic together as a tool to help make sure the client puts every signage opportunity to work. He recently updated it to make it even better. It’s easy

to use, and since it’s visual, it’s a quick, easy way for clients to see what they may be missing.

Click here to download the graphic as a PDF for your own use.

Besides using it as a reminder about types of signs you may overlook, Dan says he uses it as a reference chart during sales meetings. “It opens discussions about other signs,” he says. “Clients often contact the sign maker about one specific sign, like a storefront sign. Most likely, they haven’t even thought about other ways to get their message out with signs.”

In your office, Dan says using this graphic along with Google Street View or site photos can turn you from a sign maker into a marketing consultant.

“You can put it on your website to clearly show your company’s capabilities and to get clients thinking about the possibilities. Simply remove the signs which are not allowed in your city or that you don’t supply. And before you decide you can’t supply a certain type of sign, look into outsourcing the production.  For example, you can hook up with an electrical sign company to produce an illuminated sign, but still handle the design end of the job.”

Another use for the graphic is to illustrate the size and types of signs allowed by your local ordinances. Fill it out using the key regulations and it makes a handy reference.

“Fill one in for each town you work in,” says Dan. “You can see at a glance what the code says about each type of sign in that town.”

You can see more on getting the most out of this graphic in This reference chart sells more signs from SignCraft [November/ December 2001].


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