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Window Splashes

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23 Sep 2013, 09:15

I'm trying to expand my business and will be doing window splashes.

I just got a job to do some vehicles (windshield splashes) for a dealership.

I've done a few window splashes, but was seeking advice from someone with previous experience about supplies, types of fonts, and what to charge.

For supplies I got:  Exterior latex paint for white undercoat, exterior flat acrylic for black, and went to Michael's art supply and purchased "Craft Smart" acrylic paint for the bright colors and some foam brushes and small rollers...really wanted some bright flourescent colors, but it wasn't available where I am.

They had extremely bright tempra colors, but I was afraid that it would run in the rain...and there's been torrential rain fall here in Colorado Springs.

I quoted them a price of 15.00 - 25.00 per car, thinking it would take me 15-30 minutes per car...I will be painting 12 cars.

Also, are there fonts that are more conducive for car window splashes?

Any and all advice about window splashes will be greatly appreciated...thanks.


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