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Inside the current issue of SignCraft...

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In our latest issue:

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Jan/Feb 2013: A crusty old geezer embraces new technology

George Perkins shows  how a smart phone makes life on the pinstriping circuit easier.

Jan/Feb 2013: What's it cost to produce this freestanding sign

Chris Lovelady shows that all it takes is a tin roof, carved details and easy installation.

Jan/Feb 2013: LED sign sales: Plan for success

Deacon Wardlow shares about how to sell LED displays and make sure every installation is a winner.

Jan/Feb 2013: Don't just sell the sign, sell an advertising package

Braun Bleamer explains how to to give your clients the edge by helping them use every advertising opportunity.

What's New

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Epson’s new SureColor T-Series Large-Format Color Printers

NOT FOR RELEASE – DRAFT 4 Epson America’s new next-generation family of large-format color printers—the Epson® SureColor® T3270, T5270, T7270, T5270D, and T7270D—are designed to deliver precision, brilliance and performance to graphics, architectural and engineering professionals. They print projects from CAD drawings to graphics and posters at speeds up to ...

Cool Tools & Other Neat Stuff

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Improved scroll stripers from Mack

The Wizard Typhoon and Vortex from Mack Brush Co. have had a facelift. Not only do they look different, but the manufactur-ing process has been changed, resulting in a much-improved brush that gives you more control, handles better and delivers paint evenly for beautiful scrolls.



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Every issue of SignCraft brings you over 150 idea-packed photos. Here's a sampling from our recent issues. Simply click on any image to enlarge it.


  1. Rob Cooper
  2. Sullivan Signs
  3. Ronnie White
  4. Brian Kite
  5. Phil Vanderkratts
  6. Sonia Gothe and Dirk Rampling
  7. Sonia Gothe/Dirk Rampling
  8. Before & After: Chris Shuster
  9. Russ Mowry
  10. Bob Behounek: J/A 2009
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