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SignCraft features articles by and on real-life professional sign makers and shop owners—not canned, generic articles meant to fill space. For over 30 years we’ve been been helping sign shops be more effective, more successful and more profitable. We’re sign people, not publishers, and our goal is to help you make better signs and make them more profitably.

Every issue issue of SignCraft delivers practical, straightforward information that's hard to find anywhere else:

How do you make it? Watch for how-to articles that show how efficient sign makers cut production time, create more powerful layouts, produce creative effects, and get the most out of software, equipment and materials.

What’s it cost to make it? In every issue, a sign professional follows an everyday sign project through from start-to-finish, tracking the time and materials involved. Flat signs, vehicles, 3D signs, monuments—all types of signs get covered. See photos of each step, and hear how they sell the job.

How do you price it? You'll find pricing and sales help in every SignCraft. In our Design & Price feature, several successful sign pros tackle the same project, give a selling price and explain how they would sell it.

Where do you get the ideas? Easyfrom seeing plenty of outstanding sign work of every type by experienced, successful sign designers and shop owners. SignCraft takes you right to their shops, shares their ideas and shows you loads of photos—well over 100 per issue.

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Free LED panel for lucky non-profit

Cirrus LED is giving away 16 LED panels, or 32 sq ft LED sign, to a non-profit nominated by the public. The drawing will be held on on April 15th and Cirrus LED will ship the lucky winner 16 Solo ICE Panels and one Cirrus Solo Controller.  For more information, visit their ...

Cool Tools & Other Neat Stuff

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Count on Sherwin-Williams for premium sign finishes

The Genesis LV Single Stage System from Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes delivers outstanding performance and easy color matching for sign work. The easy-to-use two-component, VOC compliant urethane single stage looks great and is super durable—even in extreme outdoor conditions. Available in flat, satin, semi and full gloss! Call 800-798-5872 or visit:



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Every issue of SignCraft brings you over 150 idea-packed photos. Here's a sampling from our recent issues. Simply click on any image to enlarge it.


  1. Rob Cooper
  2. Sullivan Signs
  3. Ronnie White
  4. Brian Kite
  5. Phil Vanderkratts
  6. Sonia Gothe and Dirk Rampling
  7. Sonia Gothe/Dirk Rampling
  8. Before & After: Chris Shuster
  9. Russ Mowry
  10. Bob Behounek: J/A 2009
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